A message reflection from Aug. 29, 2020. Watch the message here.

In our final message of the Teach Us To Pray series, Pastor Mike explores the requests Jesus teaches us to make in the Lord’s Prayer and encourages us to stop and take in the life-changing beauty of the truths seen within it.

The last few weeks have taught us so many lessons about prayer. In prayer, we can admit when something feels off or when our hearts feel resistant to regime change. In the presence of Christ, we can come as we are.

And no matter where we are on our prayer journey, Jesus meets us with his kindness.

Jesus gives us the chance to learn how to pray the right way. He teaches us it’s not about having the right words. It’s about trusting that God loves us and is willing and able to help us.

As Pastor Zach taught us earlier in the series, prayer is about surrender. And in the Lord’s prayer, Jesus shows us what to ask God for, why our prayer requests make sense, and how these types of prayers change us.

First, Jesus teaches us to pray for our daily bread, for the provision of everything we physically need over the next 24 hours. While we often look far past the needs of one day, Jesus is showing us the importance of continual surrender and reliance on the sustaining power of God.

As we reflect on this truth, we gain a clear understanding of God’s heart for us. We can stop and admire the majesty of our Lord. We are always in the hands of our capable and loving Father.

Next, Jesus teaches us to pray for forgiveness: for the forgiveness of our own sins and the strength to forgive others who sin against us.

As Pastor Mike says, “To ask for forgiveness is to say, ‘God, can I stay and will you send my sins away?’”

While we need physical provision to fuel our bodies, our souls desperately require the restorative power of daily forgiveness.

In light of this truth, we can stop and celebrate. Our sins are heavy, but Christ took the burden of them all on the cross. He paid the ultimate sacrifice to see our relationship with God restored. What an awe-inspiring perspective!

Lastly, Jesus teaches us to ask for help. This world is full of temptation, and we are often quick to give in to its allure. If we try and fight temptation alone, it will always be a losing battle.

But the beauty to behold in this last request is the continual power of Jesus’s presence. He is the only one who has overcome temptation, who has overcome the world. We can take heart and take notes as we look to our Savior to sustain us and to strengthen us in our own spiritual battles.

Pastor Mike shows us, “Jesus as Teacher will drive us to the riches of Jesus as Savior.”

Together, we can reflect on the requests Jesus teaches us to make in the Lord’s Prayer: daily bread, daily forgiveness, and daily help against temptation. And in these requests, we can stop and marvel at the Truths we find: God is faithful to sustain us every single day, he teaches us the power of giving and receiving forgiveness, and He is with us in our daily battles against temptation.

The Lord’s presence changes everything about our lives. And, the Lord’s Prayer changes everything about our prayer lives.